Saturday, 30 May 2015

Standard Bank movie caricatures

At this conference for a Standard Bank team, everyone had to pick a movie star and a film. I then had to caricature them in that role. Each one took 15 minutes to complete although the models only had to sit for 8 minutes each. It happened at my favourite spot, The Blades in Pretoria.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Calvin's Birthday Surprise at Morrells

I've been drawing at Morrells Boutique Estate a few times so I thought I'd add these from Calvin's surprise birthday. His wife thought she was going to a work function. We pretended they were early and while I drew their caricature all their friends snuck up behind her. She was under strict instructions from me not to move during the drawing. I then revealed the picture with Happy Birthday written on it. Her face was momentarily transfigured by confusion until everyone began singing Happy Birthday. What a lark! Here are some pics from the evening.

People often request other friends and family to be drawn from their phones. Not a problem, as long as the pics are clear enough.